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 Experiment Heaven on Your Feet!

Get a foot massage with every step you take!


Our beach-resort-cruise sandals not only look great but are also super-duper comfortable. They feature:

·      Unique anti-stress (massage) technology in the soles from silicon pins.
.      Soles with breathable vents for air circulation (your feet won't get hot).
.      Water-proof: Perfect for the beach, resort or cruise.
.      Ideal for in and out of the water (super fast dry).
·      A wide range of colours and styles, many featuring handcrafted sparkles.
·      A cute message at the bottom of the soles that leaves an imprint on sand, "Quem Me Ama Me Segue" which translates to “Who Loves Me Follows Me".
·      Made with recyclable materials, are cruelty-free and comply with fair-trade.
.      High quality and long lasting materials, you will have your sandals for years to come.
.      Brazilian sourced, Brisbane based.
You will never go back to your rubber thongs again! 
We also have other footwear styles for your choice.
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We are a Brazilian footwear manufacturer that specialises in high quality silicon shoes (not plastic or cheap jelly shoes material!). We create products with a Resort and Cruise Wear concept in mind and our beach-resort-cruise sandals are famous for their patented anti-stress technology.

We have over 16 years of history, with more than 40 sales points and retail distribution around Brazil. We export to several countries and are known in the market as a brand that provides its customers with comfort and innovation.

We are committed to ethical trade. We make sure that all our work throughout production is sustainable, environmentally friendly, animal-cruelty free and child and slave-labour free. Most It Beach shoes are vegan or made with recycled leather.

It Beach shoes are all made of recyclable material.

It Beach Australia is Brisbane based. We ship worldwide. 




To be a successful sandal and footwear retailer that provides our customers with a unique product and customer experience and to empower our community of feminine, self-confident and creative women.